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Online Drum Lessons via Zoom or FaceTime

    On-on-one online lessons as just as rewarding as in person one-on-one lessons and can be done from the convenience of your own home.  My favorite part of teaching online lessons is the fact that people in rural areas nowhere near a good teacher now have access to the best.  All you need for online lessons is decent internet connection and a web camera (most computers these days have one built in).

     Teaching to me is just as rewarding as performing and sometimes even more rewarding.  Over the past 20 years of teaching, I've been slowly developing my approach to teaching as much as my approach to playing the drums.  What makes a good teacher is not only their competence with their craft, but their effectiveness of relaying their expertise to the student in a way which is clear and will actually produce results.  I cannot stress how much time can be LOST in the practice room to material that has no actual real world application, unfocused practice, or sometimes students not being completely honest with their self about how "Good" the thing they are working on has gotten.

     I have taken countless drum lessons throughout my time on the instrument and am always looking to take my personal drumming to the next level as well as find ways to help the people I am teaching to get there as well.  Through me custom curriculum I have developed, I have no doubt you can get the the next level quicker than you think.   

All ages and skill levels welcome !
You can waste a lot of time practicing the wrong way, and practicing things that are not practical.  By taking lessons from Matt, you will able to:
       *Get started the right way
       * Correct BAD habits
       * Lean how to take your drumming to the next level
       * Learn HOW to practice efficiently 
       * Learn WHAT to practice
You can advance on the drums much quicker if you learn how to stop wasting your time in the practice room and practice the right things efficiently.  
Please contact me with any questions regarding lessons! 
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Services offered:

I offer in person and virtual music lessons for the following areas:

  •  Drums

  •  Guitar

  • Ukulele

  • Music Production

  • Song Writing

  • Music Theory

  • Music Therapy


  • 30 minute lesson: $40

  • 45 minute lesson: $55

  • 60 minute lesson: $70

Cancellation Policy: 

All cancellations must be made in writing via text message or email.


For all cancellations I need 24 hrs notice or the lesson must be paid for.  The exceptions to this are illness, if the student is sick, or a family emergency.  


The holidays I will not be teaching on are New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day.  I may choose to take additional holidays throughout the year and will communicate that to the students it affects. Cancelations for all other school holidays must be made in writing.  Different school districts have different holidays and different breaks. 

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