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Matt Power

was born and raised in Sonoma County, California, where he currently resides with his wife, Kristen.  He started music at an early age on the violin. After four years of study on the violin, he got a drum set on his 13th birthday, and has never looked back.  

    Matt has a Bachelor’s of Music in Jazz Performance from CSU Sacramento.  Matt has honed his skills on the drums with mentors Benny Barth, and Rick Lotter.   He has been privileged enough to have shared the stage with musicians such as Maps and Atlases, Geoffrey Keezer, Tim Reis, Dave Pietro, Julian Lage, Mike McMullen, and Ian Scherer.  

    Currently Matt enjoys teaching private drum lessons and freelancing around the Sonoma County area. Recently He has been teaching at the Play it Forward Music School in Santa Rosa, CA ( as well as teaching online Skype lessons to people all over the world. 

    He has also helped form Indie Rock band, “Lungs and Limbs.” ( Lungs and Limbs has performed around Northern California, and has performed alongside Maps and Atlases, Parade of Lights, Vic Mensa, Con Bro Chill, and many others.  Recently Their music has been featured in "The Walking Dead" video game, Brazilian web series "Red," and award winning movie "Miss Arizona."

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