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"Matt is an incredible talent and an exceptional instructor. His ability to blend practical techniques and exercises with fun, motivating experiences related to the student's own musical background is fantastic. I highly recommend his lessons for any level of study." - Mark Daniels
"Matt is an excellent teacher. Having worked as a gifted ed private teacher in Silicon Valley, I know longterm success in anything depends on an expert teacher who is both sensitive to the student in front of them and knowledgeable. Matt is very bright, has that rare mixture of sensitivity to students' emotional states, and the drive and know-how to create comprehensive, structured curriculum. Your child may not want to become a drummer in the end (most kids who take music lessons don't), but they will be seen, and learn focus and structured practice. The grit and hope they can learn from Matt will stay with them for life. Couldn't recommend him higher." -Meike Mandel
"My 13 year old has been taking drum lessons from Matt for about a year now, and loves it. Not only has she learned far more than what I expected, but her confidence in general has started to show. When she has bad days, he has the patience of a saint and works through it with drums and keyboard and she comes
out in a better mood. I love how he thinks out of the box and adjusts his teaching to each individual child taking lessons. My daughter really enjoys the days she gets to go do her lessons and the rates for lessons are perfect for us! We would definitely recommend taking lessons from Matt!" 
- Sarah Hamann
"My 8 year old son has special needs and has refused ALL lessons, classes, sports, or any extracurricular activity whatsoever, but somehow Matt worked his magic and my son is now taking drum lessons! This is completely incredible for us. Matt has a gift with special needs kiddos. He delights in their uniqueness, never seems frustrated when they aren’t focused or cooperating, and finds individualized ways to skillfully connect with and teach every child. He makes accommodations effortlessly, as if it is no problem whatsoever, and he has no need for my son to behave in a typically manner. My son is just free to be himself and enjoy music, which is such a gift." - Rochelle Henderson
"Matt is a killer teacher, if you are considering getting into music this guy will kick start your love. My daughter is 5 and she loves it, she also is killing it!!!" - Evan Maurer
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